Becoming Fluent in Impact For Your Career Search

Prospective employers (and anyone you are networking with) will be looking for you to understand the landscape, trends, terminology, and current issues within impact finance. And let’s face it, there is a lot going on in the space these days!

Leveraging news outlets and research

This means, you’ll need to put the time in by reading newsletters like ImpactAlpha and industry reports like the GIIN’s annual survey as well as specialized reports in the sectors or asset classes you are interested in. Traditional news outlets are writing more about impact finance as well. You can use Google Alerts or other or search tools to pull together articles and new reports in your areas of interest.

Social media for social impact

Social media can be a great way to connect with the thought leaders in the larger impact finance space as well as the specific areas you are interested in. Twitter can be particularly useful to engage directly with thought leaders and stay up to date on current conversations. Here are lists of Impact Finance Leaders, Impact Finance Companies and Impact Finance Academics to get you started. 

LinkedIn is also a powerful medium with many leaders sharing useful resources including new publications, events and even just their own thoughts on developments in impact finance. You can follow individuals and companies to make sure their updates show up in your news feed.

You’ll also want to attend webinars and other online events like conferences and roundtables. Be sure to use the chat effectively to introduce yourself to others and add value to conversations.  

Courses and educational content 

If you are looking to supercharge your impact learning, a short course can be a great way to do that. Here are a few that we recommend:Link to pathfinder

  • Our Pathfinder Program includes an intro to impact investing. 
  • Impact Measurement and Management: IMM for SDGs – this free Coursera course was created by Duke University and is the best primer on IMM for impact investing out there. We highly recommend it!
  • Impact Investing: Impact Investing – this free FutureLearn course can give you the basics around investing for Impact.
  • Efiko academy also offers a whole range of paid online courses – we haven’t had a chance to review them ourselves, but they look well designed and quite technical.
  •  Innovative Financing: Hacking Finance to Change the World – this free Coursera course offers a great introduction into innovative finance. To go even further, I offer a new course on innovative financing both in-person and online. It’s the most complete set of material!

We hope you found this useful!

Aunnie Power

Aunnie Power