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Head of Portfolio

Location: Nairobi, Kenya


The Client

Our client is a USD $20Mn philanthropy backed fund that catalyses climate-resilient entrepreneurial solutions to measurably improve opportunities for women and girls across Africa.

A lot of progress has been made in supporting women and girls. However, they still struggle with accessing opportunities that improve the quality of their lives. Our client is a new gender smart fund that backs two kinds of systemic solutions;
The first is focused on increasing opportunities for women in the biggest sectoral employer in a country.

The second is creating opportunities for women in the fastest growing sectors in the country.

In Kenya, their first market, they are investing in companies, organisations, ventures and female leaders with climate-resilient entrepreneurial solutions that measurably improve opportunities for girls and women in agriculture, which employs 52% of women, as well as technology and construction, sectors that are growing at 11% and 10% respectively.


The Role

The Head of Portfolio will lead the complete life cycle of equity, debt and grant investments including sourcing, developing, negotiating, closing, post investment support and exiting deals. This role requires a systemic approach that is first, rooted in building investment strategies based on their stakeholders needs, as well as thoughtfully incorporating market insights into subsequent iterations and second, driven by sharing these investment models to influence the broader ecosystem.

The Head of Portfolio needs to enjoy being in a start-up environment – working in a small and agile founding team and co-creating approaches with the Head of Insights and the Founding Director. You will be building a fund and this role requires leadership in a fast-paced, changing environment, executing quickly on a range of transactional responsibilities, as well as strategic thinking, critical analysis and problem solving.

The Head of Portfolio is an integral part of the fund and will report to the Founding Director, as well as work collaboratively with the Head of Insights/ Impact.


What You Will Accomplish



  • A strategy for sourcing scalable gender smart innovations from social enterprises, start-ups, non-profits, individuals, established companies and local governments
  • An approach for critically screening investment opportunities through a gender, climate resilience and impact lens, including conducting due diligence on the innovation’s evidence base, social impact, management quality, and ability to scale
  • Financial and non-financial investing practices on gender lens investing and climate resilience
  • A due diligence and post-investment support strategy for our investees that constantly and holistically incorporates feedback generated by the Head of Insights/ Impact


  • A gender lens investment strategy that is incorporated in due diligence, transaction/ disbursement execution, closing, post-investment support and exiting
  • Publication of investment and exit memos


  • With the Head of Insights and Impact to track impact and adjust investment strategy based on insight findings
  • With the Founding Director to negotiate investment terms and prepare investment memos for review at the investment committee meetings
  • With the Founding Director as a thought leader and content expert to inform our strategic direction, establish metrics and milestones for success




  • 10+ years’ investing experience. Impact investing and gender lens investing experience preferred
  • Proven capacity of sourcing, supporting and scaling commercially viable ventures and / or social enterprises
  • Professional experience investing in Kenya a must
  • Experience working within a start-up is a strong plus
  • Experience working in East Africa with knowledge of the political, social and economic context of the region of work and the development issues and challenges it face


  • Strong financial modelling skills and attention to detail
  • Financial acumen – the capacity to demonstrate knowledge of and insight into financial principles, as well as processes and identify inconsistencies in data
  • Commitment to evidence-based decision-making and social impact evaluation
  • Ability to plan and prioritise effectively: strong project / process management skills

Personal Characteristics

  • Intrinsically motivated to be a gender smart investor
  • Team player, with exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to influence and add value.
  • Systems thinker
  • Flexible and dynamic
  • Resilience and grit
  • Self-motivated, results driven, ability to deal with change
  • Highly organised and structured, logical and lateral thinker
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Follow-through; the motivation to ensure the highest standards of quality and productivity are consistently maintained
  • Leadership style: management by example, always fostering a collaborative culture amongst all stakeholders
  • Zero tolerance for corruption


Who Should Apply


  • You want to be part of a founding team that is on a trajectory to work across Africa but right now does not even have a name
  • You don’t look for a road map, you create it. Ambiguity makes you smile
  • You want to build a team culture with values rooted in listening, humility, resilience, audacious goals and embracing failure
  • You deeply value testing and iterating models. You wish you could efficiently and effectively understand the impact of each disbursement on its stakeholders
  • You are happiest when you are in the field working with an investee or sharing insights with partners
  • You already have authorization to work in Kenya


How to Apply


Apply through this link

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