Innovative Financing for Social Impact Course

Back from vacation up in the South African Transkei and ready for another set of busy weeks convening Impact Finance workshops, courses and bootcamps. My Saïd Business School, University of Oxford‘s Impact Finance Innovations course is full (Join us next year: and you need to be an MBA to attend my Impact Investing bootcamp, but there are a few open spaces left for my workshop in London on November 7th. This will be the 5th and final workshop for 2022. These workshops have been highlights of my year so far. The funders in the room are exceptionally thoughtful with so many insights and lessons to share. As Pilar Cristobal from Investing for Good CIC said about her experience “The content and the discussions were very engaging. I left feeling inspired, and most of all, feeling better equipped – something so hard to find in most trainings!”

By the end of the workshop, you can expect to:

🌈 Understand the entire spectrum of innovative financing options for purpose driven companies and impact focused funders

📊 Be able to assess funding options and their appropriateness for different stages of a company’s growth and their funding needs

🕸️ Build a network of like-minded founders and funders

📚 Be equipped with a plethora of resources and materials to use as reference guides in the future

The workshop will be held at the Marshall Institute.

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Aunnie Power

Aunnie Power