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Pathfinder is designed to guide you through your impact finance career transition. It is packed full of insights, tools and resources to give you an advantage in your job search and help you land your dream job.

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Our Pathfinder Program is designed to get you access to everything you need to understand the impact finance sector, better prepare for your career transition, and learn from industry leaders about their experiences in the sector. You’ll receive three modules that help you better identify the roles that could be a good fit for you, assessments and reflections to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and tools to master the interview process. Dive in to learn more:

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Module 1: Finding Your Role in Impact Finance

This module is focused on introducing you to the impact finance landscape. You'll learn about the sector, major players in the space, different career paths available to you, and how to identify the right role for your skillset, experience and interests.

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Module 2: Planning Your Transition

Learn how to adopt our Tripod Method, to identify gaps and strengths in your profile and hone your story. This is your personal assessment and game plan for the career transition.

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Module 3: Acing Your Interview

This module includes all the tools you need to ace your impact finance interview with insights from industry professionals, as well as guidance on the types of interview questions you might receive.

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Bonus! Our Proprietary Fund Database

Supercharge your job search with access to our proprietary database of over 1,000 impact finance employers and our job tools that we use with our private coaching clients.

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Meet Your Impact Finance Career Coaches

Ashley Lewis & Aunnie Patton Power

We are so excited that you are interested in building an impactful career. We've been in your shoes! While we eventually found a way to successfully make the transition into the impact finance sector, it wasn't easy or linear. Readily accessible information was not widely available, the jargon for the sector could be confusing, and we had to build networks from scratch in order to find the relevant actors and organizations. While we made it to the other side, we were often left thinking that there must be a better way. We believe that it is important that we use our tools, resources, and knowledge to equip the next generation of impact financiers the way we would have liked to be supported. We realized that there is a huge opportunity to continue to prepare and guide aspiring impact-driven talent to organizations looking for phenomenal individuals and wanted to provide a solution. That is why we built Impact Finance Pro and curated and designed the Pathfinder Program. Our overall goal is to make career preparation inclusive, accessible, and fun for people entering into the sector. Throughout the years we have coached and educated thousands of professionals who want to pursue a similar path. We are excited to be part of your career journey and look forward to helping you land your dream job in the impact finance space. Ashley Lewis & Aunnie Patton Power

Pathfinder Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're exploring the sector for the first time, actively interviewing for roles, or currently in the sector and looking to make that next transition, the Transition Program is for you. It is a blend of educational resources, personal reflection exercises, insights from those currently in the sector, and highlights on trends.

All of our programs are provided on-demand via the online platform. You can do the program at your own speed and reference back to it in the convenience of your own space. You will have access to a mix of videos, workbooks, and interactive tools to help you through the content.

Our programs are designed to be a comprehensive introduction to the space and also help you frame your career transition but many of our clients do want one on one bespoke coaching to supplement the online course. If this is something you are interested in, please reach out to us at

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. If you do not feel that the course meets your expectation, we are open to exploring a refund. We have a series of requirements to ensure that you completed the course and gave it an honest try. If you'd like to explore a refund, we suggest you reach out to us immediately at