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Environment and Climate Manager- Investec

Job Details

Investec is a distinctive Specialist Bank serving clients principally in the UK and South Africa. Our culture gives us our edge: we work hard to find colleagues who’ll think out of the ordinary and we put them in environments where they’ll flourish. We combine a flat structure with a focus on internal mobility. If you can bring an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to learn and collaborate to your work, this could be the boost your career deserves.

Embedded in our culture is a sense of belonging and inclusion. This creates an environment in which everyone is free to be themselves which helps to drive innovation, creativity and ultimately business performance. At Investec we want everyone to find it easy to be themselves, and to feel they belong. It’s a responsibility we all share and is integral to our purpose and values as an organization.

Research shows that some candidates can be reluctant to apply to a role unless they meet all the criteria. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit here and welcome you to do the same – if the role excites you, please don’t let our person specification hold you back. Get in touch!

Team Description:

From a group sustainability perspective, the team has grown through internal hires where individuals are given the opportunity to learn ESG skills on the job. The UK Environmental and Climate Manager would join a relatively new team in the UK which is young, energetic and very ambitious about furthering the purpose of the team which is “to strive to help global economic, social and environmental issues through positive action at a local level”.

Description of role and key responsibilities:

The role is embedded as part of the Group Sustainability function and its primary purpose will be to ensure we meet our environmental compliances and internal climate reporting requirements from an operational perspective but also to contribute to the group’s Net-Zero climate commitment.

The UK Environment and Climate Manager will be responsible for ensuring Investec plc is able to meet its commitments to carbon neutrality in our direct operations, ie the candidate would have a full comprehension of Scope 1 and 2 emissions and Scope 3 upstream emissions. As part of this, they would need to make recommendations how to reduce carbon emissions in our various offices, ensuring we are always striving to be as carbon-free as possible.
They will also be responsible for helping to raise environmental awareness in the UK business through staff campaigns and community projects.

Core skills and knowledge:

• Are you a team player, but able to work independently?
• Do you have good attention to detail?
• Project management
• Strategic thinking in the climate space
• Ability to analyse data and make recommendations

Any other attributes that would be helpful, but not essential for the role:

A keen passion for sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. Someone with a keen sense of the urgency for climate action and for promoting ways that individuals, business units, clients and broader communities can reduce carbon emissions and help Investec reach our Net-Zero ambition.

Apply Now

Job Status: Open

Job Sectors: Environment and Climate Manager

Job Type: Full Time

Regions: Europe

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