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Project Finance specialist-Development Finance Corporation

Job Details

The United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Acquisition requires a Personal Services Contractor (PSC) for a full-time equivalent Project Finance Specialist – Climate Solutions. This solicitation is only to be open to individual applicants. The PSC shall be a sole proprietor who will have an employee-employer relationship with the DFC. The level of effort and responsibility is generally equivalent to a GS-14, Step 1 through GS-14, Step 4

The contractor shall provide personal services as a senior officer managing the most complex, sensitive, or precedent-setting finance projects in the key regions of the Amazon, Southeast Asia, and the Congo, and may perform this work in combination with senior manager duties that encompass program development and management for an issue/area (region or sector). The PSC is responsible for carrying out the full range of new project financings and undertaking all tasks required to process transactions from initial screening through due diligence, negotiating and structuring, approval, documentation, closing and funding.

The contractor is responsible for coordinating major finance for international projects, including providing advice and staff support on planning, developing, implementing and evaluating issues related to credit, risk, and DFC policy. At this level, the PSC provides critical support that involves business development, analysis of issues, supporting the agency when no need for agreements outside of already established parameters is expected, and negotiating with other U.S. agencies, private consultants, or foreign governments on language in documents to which the United States Government is or will be a signatory. The primary focus of this position will be investments in low-emissions agriculture, forestry projects, and land-use actions in the Amazon, Southeast Asia, and the Congo.

The Government intends to offer a firm fixed price contract to the individual whose quote conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous of the Government, price and other factors considered in accordance with the Request for Quotes (RFQ). The anticipated period of performance is 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2026 with three (3) one-year option periods which will be exercised at the Government’s need or discretion. The Government will issue one award from the solicitation.

Submit all questions via e-mail to Questions or comments regarding this solicitation must be submitted in writing, cite the solicitation number, and be directed to the following Government representative and not DFC staff. Telephonic inquiries will not be entertained due to the possibility of misunderstanding or misinterpretation.


EDUCATION and CERTIFICATION: The PSC shall have a minimum of a master’s degree in international business/studies, international relations, finance, business, economics, political science, or a related field.

EXPERIENCE: The PSC shall have a minimum of 3 years of experience within the last 5 years in the following:

• Experience analyzing and structuring complex international finance capital market transactions.

• Experience with financial modeling and financial statement analysis.

• Experience in investments and strategic engagement in developing countries.

• Experience or skills in supporting projects that address critical climate solution needs.

• Experience with financial modeling and financial statement analysis.

• Broad and comprehensive knowledge of international business practices, development finance and the work of development finance institutions.

• International work experience, especially in Africa, Southeast Asia, and/or Brazil.

• Experience or skills in supporting forest, agricultural, or other land use activities projects that address critical climate solution needs.

• Experience evaluating and responding to requests for financial support from entrepreneurs or businesses undertaking business activities in emerging market countries.

• Experience evaluating and responding to requests to a development finance institution for financial support.

OTHER: The contractor shall be a U.S. Citizen and have the ability to obtain and maintain a Public Trust or higher-level clearance.

To apply for this position, send the following documents in one email to by June 9th, 2022 at 3pm EST:

– Cover letter

– Resume

– College transcripts (may be unofficial)

– Copies of any relevant certifications

– 3 – 5 Professional References that include the reference’s name, email address, phone number, name of organization, dates of professional experience with applicant, and relationship to applicant. At least two references must be from a supervisor.

Apply Now

Job Status: Open

Job Sectors: Project Finance specialist

Job Type: Contract

Regions: Asia, Congo

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