The State of Venture Philanthropy & Social Investment in Europe

European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA):

This report is the report for those of you who are interested in taking the pulse of our sector and the players within it. Five years of data has allowed us to analyse interesting trends and evolutions in the Venture Philanthropy / Social Investment sector. Below we highlight the most striking ones:

• Overall growth for the sector, 108 organisations allocated €6.5 billion between them since they began their operations, a 30% increase compared to Fiscal Year (FY) 2013.
• Budgets remained stable.
• The surveyed organisations invested an average of €7.8 million through VP/SI activities.
• There is a sharp rise in co-investment between peers since FY 2013. 63% of respondents have co-invested in the past and 19% said they are interested in doing so, even if they have not co-invested yet. Of the respondents that answered both this and the last survey, the organisations that have co-invested increased from 69% to 80%.
• Over FY 2015 a number of smaller players (with budgets under €2.5million) have entered the space.
• VP/SI organisations have no shortage in investment opportunities and are improving their deal screening process. Over FY 2015, respondents screened 7,520 potential opportunities. On average, each VPO screened 86 organisations, did further due diligence on 17 of them, and selected 9 investees.

Read the full report here.

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